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Contact information of national agent:

Central China Agent: Mr. Xie 13303961197

North agent: Mr. Gao 15006224595

Beijing-tianjin-hebei: Mr. Li 13910027706

Agent of Chuanyu: Mr. Liu 18628158652

Guangdong Agent: Mr. Lin 13760033208

Northwest agent: Mr. Han 15029265960

Shandong Agent: Mr. Wu 18754790021

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Code of Conduct on Retail Price of Offline Partners' Products

Offline partners must mark their prices in accordance with the national unified retail price specified in the Company's Product Price List. For dealers who maliciously cut prices or collude with others, once found, they will be disqualified from selling our products and will not cooperate for life.


Can other businesses sell our products online?

When launching our products, all platform merchants must first apply to our company for an online platform sales authorization letter. Dealers without our company's authorization are not allowed to sell their products on various online platforms without our company's authorization. Once found, our company will complain about the platform, and the seller will bear the consequences.


How many online stores does our company have, on which platform, and what are their names?

The only official online store of our company is Jingdong Store, and its name is Camp Sports Outdoor Flagship Store. In addition, no one or any dealer is authorized to sell CAMP Kamp branded products online. For CAMP Kamp products sold in other online stores, our company does not recognize any three guarantee guarantee.